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My Responses to the RNC’s "Set the Record Straight Poll"

Republican National Committee’s “Set the Record Straight Poll”

My answers/comments in blue.

1. Do you think the Democrats go too far in their consistent and immediate rejection of almost every positive policy proposal advanced by President Bush and our Republican Congressional leadership?

Yes      No      No Opinion

2. Do you feel that President Bush and the Republicans in Congress are doing everything necessary to help revive America’s economy and create jobs?

Yes      No      No Opinion

3. Do you support the recent legislation that Congress passed and President Bush signed into law that improves Medicare while adding a prescription drug benefit?

Yes      No      No Opinion

Note: the above answer was marked by circling it repeatedly and drawing little cartoon “action lines” around it.

4. When it comes to national defense, President Bush proposed and Congress created the Department of Homeland Security. Do you agree this department is critical to protecting our country?

Yes      No      No Opinion

Note: marked as above with the addition of exclamation points.

5. Do you support President Bush’s efforts to permit families to use school vouchers to pay for alternative schools when local schools fail their children?

Yes      No      No Opinion

I wrote in: “NO MORE GOV SKOOLS!”

6. Do you support President Bush’s faith-based initiative program to provide federal grants to local religious charities and service organizations to help them carry out social, school, anti-poverty and anti-crime programs?

Yes      No      No Opinion

Additionally, I wrote in “Better yet, get government out of charity altogether!”

7. Do you support cutting the amount of dues the United States pays to the UN to make them more in line with the amount paid by other large nations?

Yes      No      No Opinion

I added: “Better yet, get US out!”

8. The Democrat Party has vigorously opposed any meaningful legal reform legislation. Do you support Republican legal reform legislation that would bring an end to frivolous lawsuits?

Yes      No      No Opinion

9. Do you think President Bush’s nominees to the federal court should be entitled to a simple “up or down” vote in the U.S. Senate rather than be held hostage by Democrat filibusters?

Yes      No      No Opinion

10. Do you think President Bush’s “Leave No Child Behind” legislation is a positive step towards improving the quality of education for ALL of America’s children?

Yes      No      No Opinion

11. Should President Bush and the Republicans in Congress continue their fight to permit drilling for oil and gas in the Arctic in an effort for us to gain greater energy independence?

Yes      No      No Opinion

12. President Bush wants to permit Americans to be able to personally invest a small portion of their Social Security payments so that they can “own” more of their benefits. Do you support this proposal?

Yes      No      No Opinion

Added: “Or drop S.S. altogether!!”

13. Which of the following comes closest to your thoughts on Social Security reform?

Needs total overhaul (I added: “GET RID OF IT!”)

Needs substantial reform

Needs to be changed somewhat

Leave it as is

14. Which political party do you trust more to do the following:

Reduce Taxes       Republican Libertarian Democrat
Create Private Sector Jobs       Republican Libertarian Democrat
Strengthen Homeland Security       Republican Libertarian Democrat
Fully Fund National Defense       Republican Libertarian Democrat
Rein-in Government Spending       Republican Libertarian Democrat
Protect Social Security       Republican Libertarian Democrat
Improve Education       Republican Libertarian Democrat
Limit Government Regulations       Republican Libertarian Democrat

Note: I added “Libertarian” as a choice and voted as indicated. On Gov. spending and gov. regulations, I put THREE checkmarks under Libertarian. :) Additionally, next to “Strengthen Homeland Security” I added “(i.e. “defense”!) and I added an underline to Defense on the national defense funding below that.

15. Do you agree that the Senate Democrats are wrong in recently blocking White House supported legislation that would limit damage awards in medical malpractice lawsuits which are driving up the cost of health care in America?

Yes      No      No Opinion

I wrote in: “The problem w/ high med. Costs is government over-regulation!”

16. Do you think the Democrats are becoming more beholden to special interest like the trial lawyers, the big labor union bosses and the anti-war left wing of their party?

Yes      No      No Opinion

I added: “Now let’s discuss who the Repubs. Are beholden to…”

17. Will you work with the RNC in the coming months to ensure that the TRUTH prevails against the Democrats lies and deceit in the 2004 elections?

Yes      No      No Opinion

I thought about maybe adding a comment about GOP lies and deceit after this one, but didn’t have the room to fit all of my remarks… :)


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