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Letter to the Judges

Well, I promised I’d write a letter to the judge on behalf of Jeff “Hunter” Jordan, who was arrested by the Ohio State Highway Patrol for “gun crimes.”

I’m afraid I have to renig on that promise.

I’ve tried four times now to write a good letter to the judge and just cannot do it. Not because the case against Jeff isn’t bullshit, but because if I send any of these letters, I’ll end up in jail myself. I had this same problem when I attempted to write to the judge on behalf of Rick Stanley, a Constitutional Activist in Colorado.

Everything I write to these judges comes out, in the end, as a (possibly veiled) threat. In our current nanny-state of “protect the elitists” this isn’t to be done. It’s called “tampering” as if the judge has anything to do with the outcome of the case (which the judge DOESN’T in a real courtroom, but does now in our kangaroo “set only the powerful man free” courts).

So I guess, in my own self-interest, I won’t be sending these letters to the judges. I guess they can read Unintended Consequences like the rest of us and draw their own conclusions as to what may happen in this country if we continue down the road we’re on…

Sorry, Jeff and Rick. I can’t help you this time. Good luck with your cases and hopefully, for the two of you, the Constitution will be adhered to and your cases will be thrown out for the shams that they are.

To find out more about Jeff “Hunter” Jordan’s case: http://www.thepriceofliberty.org

To find out more about Rick Stanley’s predicament: http://www.Stanley2002.org


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