Is Bush a Liar? Did He Really Serve in the Guard?

Posted: February 12th, 2004 by Militant Libertarian

I was sent this link today, which has streaming audio/video of a recent press conference with the White House’s Press Secretary answering questions about Bush’s military service.

So what is my, the Militant Libertarian’s, take on this issue?

I don’t really give a shit whether Bush served honorably, dishonorably, all his time, none of his time, or what. In fact, Bush could have joined the National Guard and had his specialty in Beer Swilling and it wouldn’t make a lick of difference to me. Why? ‘Cause it doesn’t matter, that’s why.

What he did during his military service means nothing. I can look at him now and know I don’t like him. He’s busy making himself into America’s first Dictator and the world’s next attempted conqueror. That’s enough for me. I don’t need to know what he did or didn’t do during his military career.

Now, as for Mr. Kerry, whose supporters are probably the biggest pushers of the “what did Bush do?” question:

He sucks too. I already don’t really like Democrats (at least not those that are “popular” enough to be pushed for major office) and I have even less reason to like Mr. Kerry, since he’s already held elected office on a national level and shown himself to be just another part of the scheme to villify our rights.

Folks, this Presidential campaign is not about who’s the better man, what it is we need as Americans, or even which direction our nation will go after Nov. 2004.

This Presidential campaign is about who will best distract us from our current path towards destruction and which man can keep the illusion of a prosperous, free nation for the most people.

It’s time to STOP worrying about partisan politics and START worrying about how free we truly are…how free we will be next year…ten years from now, etc. When you die, will it be a peaceful death as a free man or woman? Or will you die in a battle to win your freedom back?

The way it’s going, more and more of us, as true patriots, will find ourselves in the second situation and only those who are completely blindfolded to the truth will die peacefully.

Stop hiding from the truth and step forward with your fellow patriots and make your voice of dissent heard!


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