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Posted: February 18th, 2004 by Militant Libertarian

OK, I’ve read a few books since my list book review and better get caught up including them here. Many of you may recognize some of these, but if not, I suggest clicking on the links and getting your own copy. Great stuff is only included here, no trash!

This book is nothing short of awesome! It’s great stuff from beginning to end and you’ll hardly notice it’s somewhere around a thousand pages thick! Boston manages to cover all aspects of the battle rifle, basic defensive pistol use, battle carbines, and more.

Boston’s huge amount of experience and field use of these weapons really shows through and the data and rankings of those rifles is spot on. He goes into a lot of things that many of those who are considered “gun nuts” miss and makes fun of one of my favorite kinds of person: the over-accessorizer; the guy who has a fine rifle and then fills it up with extra grips, a too-large scope, an integral bipod, laser pointer, interchangeable buttstock, etc., etc… Yet can’t hit a fifty-cent grouping at 50 yards…

Boston also includes a lot of great political commentary and information. He gives (no doubt accurate) predictions of what the lobbyists and gun-grabbers will go for next and how they’ll succeed first in the near future. He explains definitively why we need to be armed and TRAINED in those arms to effectively defend our nation, way of life, and especially our liberty.

By far one of the most informed patriots and easily one of our nation’s most learned gun nuts, Boston is worth listening to.

I don’t care who you are, you need a copy of this book! Get one now!

I quoted Kathryn Graham in this blog a few days ago and stumbled upon this book she wrote when talking with another friend of mine. He offered to let me borrow it and I did.

I devoured this great read in only two days.

This is a novel about freedom, liberty, tyranny, and escape.

The protagonist is Kris, an astrophysicist, and her and her fellow freedom-lovers lenghty plan to escape from the tyrannical regime that has taken over the American White House and installed a police-state to control the nation.

In an eloquently told story, Graham carries you into fantastic realms of understanding: showing you human spirit, fortitude, and the power of the American lust for freedom. This is part one of a no-doubt great series of books.

The ending was surprising and awesome and I’d highly recommend this book to anyone who loves freedom-oriented fiction!

Finally, we come to this book. If you’re in any way related to the Celtic race, be it Scots, Irish, or Welsh, you’ll be very interested in this book. Sorry there’s no picture

It covers history, starting from the height of the Celtic influence on the world when settlements were as far east as Turkey and dominated the European world. Celts sacked Rome, fought off the Viking invasions, and more.

The history of the Celts is quite amazing, especially during the Age of Heroes when Arthur and others were making names for themselves. The domination and attempted domination by many groups, especially the Anglo-Saxons, Anglo-Normans, and others, were repeatedly reversed by the Celt’s lust for independence in their various regions. Only the Celts themselves could dominate one another.

Many of the prints in this book are completely awesome, detailing great moments in medieval history and showing archealogical finds related to the book’s subject. A great book to read for those of us who still have blood that boils to the sound of bagpipes and hearts that sing to the tune of Gaelic words.


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