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Reading Reason and other BS for the day

Well, I’m currently sitting here reading Reason magazine (“Free Minds and Free Markets”), February 2004 issue. Good stuff in here. I’m late reading it, since I actually got it about three weeks ago, but hey, I’m a busy dude.

I’m especially interested in their front cover article “Dominate, Intimidate, Control” about TSA and airport insecurity. You can read that online by following the link above, by the way.

Anyway, beyond that is more good news. The new server is set up as of today so the MilitantLibertarian.org site should be back to normal by Monday at the latest. SWEET!

Anyway, I guess I’d better get a shower and hit the mailbox and other venues today. Gotta stock up on caffeinated provisions for the all-nighters to come in setting up the new services.


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