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Slackin’ Off & Book Review

Well, it’s Friday night, so don’t expect much out of me. I’ve been working much more than usual lately, so that explains the lack of posts here. Sometimes even a hardcore anti-government type like myself gets distracted by real life issues: like money and my current lack of it.

On the up side, the Richard Mack for Governor Campaign seems to have stepped up a notch. We had a meeting Thursday night in which another $250 was raised on the spot from $5/$10 donations from various attendees. Most notably, though, Super Dell Shanze showed up, donated a beaner, and said he’s fully supporting the campaign and considering running as Mack’s Lt. Gov. Regardless, he’s going to pour a lot of publicity into the thing, I’m sure.

He said a lot of stuff I don’t necessarily agree with, but hey, it’s Super Dell. His whole career has been pissing people off so bad that they buy a computer from him just to shut him up. At least, I think that’s his strategy. Seems to have worked for him so far…

If you’re interested in helping out the campaign, go to Mack’s website (linked above) and/or go to my Web store and buy one (or both) of his books – all of the proceeds from the sales of his books go to his campaign!

Anyway, enough of all that. I’m reading some more subversive books which I ordered from Paladin Press, one of my favorite anti-establishment publishers. I’ve got catalogues from a couple of other places headed my way too, so maybe more later.

I just finished this book a couple of days ago and was quite impressed. Claire Wolfe is a very well known writer in the freedom circuit. Her blog is linked from my “links” page (see button to left).

This book in particular had some really cool stuff in it. While it’s not a “get even” kind of thing (despite the great title), it is a “let ’em know how you feel through some good, old fashioned civil disobedience” kind of screed. She does a great job outlining various infringements our government perpetrates (usually in the name of “security” or “the children”) and a few good ideas for undermining those efforts. While I would prefer something a little more militant or “in your face” than this, for the average freedom fighter, this book has a treasure trove of information.

And hey, if you’re doing something, you’re on my side! So have it at, whatever you do!


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