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Just Gettin’ By

While making dinner this afternoon, my wife and I (yep, sorry ladies, this one’s taken) were talking about her work. Her boss trades her around jobs because she does a very good job. The others at her work don’t. So my wife gets rotated around to basically bring things up to par.

We talked about this and it got me to thinking. In all my career of working for other people, I found myself in similar situations. I’d do a good job, work hard, etc., etc., while others around me would do just enough to not get fired or yelled at. Consequently, I’d get unhappy with the job and pissed off and eventually quit, get fired, get “laid off,” or otherwise be removed from employment. Meanwhile, in a lot of those jobs, those people I was working with are still there…five, ten years later.


We supposedly live under a capitalist form of government with a free economy. In this system, those who work hard and are innovative will get ahead and make money: they get hired to the best jobs, get raises, bonuses, etc., etc.

But that’s not how it is.

Instead of that, they get laid off, fired, or quit their jobs and go from one to another; working just long enough somewhere to get fed up and go somewhere else.

Meanwhile, those who choose to do just the minimum to get by do just that…they get by. They have little or no incentive to do any extra since all it will mean is instability and unhappiness.

Obviously, if you agree with all this, then you agree that we DO NOT live in a capitalistic system or a free market. Something has changed that.

In socialist countries, people tend to do just enough to get by as they have no incentive to do any more. Their extra work rewards no one.

So it is here… Why is that?

You draw the conclusions. I’ve figured it out for myself, I’m sure you can too…


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