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Common Sense: Making Others Pay




Making Others Pay

Have you ever had a friend who made awful choices about money? Even when earning a decent salary, he’d spend and spend, using credit cards and stalling bill collectors to delay the day of reckoning. On some days, he probably wished he could force someone else to pay those impossibly large bills.

He probably wished he were president of the United States.

Yes, our own President Bush is pretty bad with money. Even though last year’s federal revenues were almost $1.8 trillion, Bush approved spending all of that plus $375 billion more.

Our deficits are getting bigger and setting records. We’re adding almost $2 billion of debt per day. The national debt clock informs me that my family’s share is over $110,000. But don’t laugh at my family’s misfortune; remember, your kids will pay, too.

For some, this is a nasty surprise. Candidate Bush campaigned for a lean government that lived within its means. President Bush has yet to veto a single spending bill — not even the one that included $50 million for an indoor rain forest in Iowa and half a million dollars for the Montana Sheep Institute.

With the exploding deficits of the last three years, will the same people who voted for Bush in 2000 be willing to trek out to the polls for him again this year?

Maybe history has the answer. Remember “read my lips, no new taxes?” George W. Bush should ask his father about what happens to presidents who don’t practice what they preach.

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