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Slackin’ Off

OK, I’ve been slackin’ off a little. I’ve been keeping the blog updated, new, and exciting, of course (66+ visitors a day and growing – last count was 44!). However, one of my other important, not-for-profit endeavors (in some cases, “not for profit” means that the charity spends the money it receives to pay for its operations and good will…in my case, it means my wallet opens and a loud sucking sound is heard…even when the wife is sleeping!), namely CivilDisobedience.us, hasn’t had an update in over two weeks. Plus I haven’t sent out an email alert is nearly that long. That’s pretty delinquent…

On the other hand, you schnubbs have been slackin’ too! I put up all this cool shiooot for you to peruse, I “market” this website to keep it growing, I post all these bitchin’ song lyrics to pump up your anti-government adrenaline and what do you do? You buy two lousy books for a total payoff to me of $0.20… That’s right! Twenty lousy cents! What am I, Daddy Warbucks?? Cough it up, you jackasses!

Here’s something for you to sink your teeth into (that means BUY, ya mook)… I just got Weird Al Yankovic’s new album “Poodle Hat” yesterday. Everybody loves Weird Al! You know it!

This one’s got some cool stuff on it (as per usual). My favorite so far is either “Couch Potato” (parody of an Eminem song), “Wanna B UR Lovr” (a song of pickup lines), and “Ode to a Superhero” (parody of a Billy Joel song). The big song from this album on MTV and whatever is “Ebay,” by the way. I promise to have some lyrics very soon, of course! Obviously, I bought this on Amazon.com, like you should (link to left). :) That link also has song samples you can play… CLICK! NOW! CLICK!

Also, a few other things have happened to the site lately. I updated the “links” page to include a new link to “rexcurry.net” – a site with some cool stuff on it. Also, I’ve updated the link to “Molon Labe,” which is a newly released Boston T. Party book. I haven’t read it (yet), but will have a review as soon as I do!

Oh, and I got the latest catalog from Loompanics Unlimited, so you’ll probably be seeing some more reviews of unusual books from there soon too.


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