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Posted: March 18th, 2004 by Militant Libertarian

I’ve been slacking off on these, so I figured it’s about time I started getting caught up on the reading. Here’s some great stuff I’ve run across since the last one of these was published:


Boulder City gets confiscated items

Yeah, who’da thunk that the stuff that gets stolen from us at the airport in the name of “security” would be sold at profit later? Hmm…

Guantanamo Bay prisoners are freed just a day after their return to Britain

Wait ’til you read the next one…,3604,1168452,00.html

This creeping sickness: So now we know: torture is routinely used by the US in Guantánamo Bay

It can’t happen here?

For some defendants, an American gulag

Definitely…it can’t happen in America…

AP: Privacy protecting programs killed

FBI adds to wiretap wish list

What? The FBI wants more power??? This is new…Keep marching towards that total police state, people.

Everything Else

Consumers challenge FCC antipiracy rules

Microsoft, 3 other ISP giants sue spammers

AHA! Let’s see if the free market can do what the government can’t!,1299,DRMN_21_2717170,00.html

Medical marijuana case going to federal court

Give him his plant back, you SOBs! It’s the law!

What’s been spent on the War on Drugs so far this year?

Careful…watching this can make you feel sick…

Git Yer Hands Out of my Pockets!

Inflation- Alive and Well by Rep. Ron Paul

Pilgrims in Alaska get “limited, temporary” access to their property.

Martha Down Under: Kangaroos in the Courtroom

She was busted for LYING, people, LYING! Not for some kind of fraud. See cartoon below…

Three Strikes (Unions)


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