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Orrin Hatch Hates the U.S. Constitution

Hatch isn’t changing ways on Constitution

By Christopher Smith

The Salt Lake Tribune


WASHINGTON — If Sen. Orrin Hatch had been one of the nation’s Founding Fathers, he probably would have made a few additions to the U.S. Constitution. Quite a few.

In the 28 years Hatch has served in the U.S. Senate, he has sponsored or co-sponsored 67 resolutions to amend the Constitution, the fundamental blueprint of American democracy that has been changed only 27 times in its 215-year history.

Aaron Says: The guy has been in office TWENTY-EIGHT YEARS?! Holy Mary! Can you say “career politician?” Only in Utah could a person this bogus run for office, win, and then keep that office for TWENTY-EIGHT STINKIN’ YEARS!

Now, considering that during those 28 years in office, Orrin has proposed an average of 2.4 changes to our Constitution, the man obviously has some issues with the thing.

What’s that, Orrin? Too much freedom for you? Can’t have the serfs and plebes gettin’ too hoity-toity with their liberty and freedom, now, can we? Oh, no. Best keep them in line and make sure that the Constitution says WHERE that line is…all according to Orrin’s own definition, of course. After all, he’s an elected official and therefore knows what’s best for us.

It’s time for some serious change in this nation. Two things need to happen, and fast: First, people need to wake up and see the well-trodden road to tyranny we’re walking on. Second, we need to ouster EVERYONE down to the lowliest paper-pusher in Washington…that means everyone from the President on down to the guy who decides who to hire to mop the floors in the place.

We need to toss these fools and start again from scratch ’cause anything less just won’t cut it.


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