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Republicans Praise New Deal Socialism

March 22, 2004

Most liberty-loving Americans consider Franklin D. Roosevelt the single worst president of the 20th century, even with stiff competition from the likes of Woodrow Wilson and Lyndon Johnson. FDR was perhaps the most openly socialist leader ever to occupy the White House, and his policies reflected a firm belief that government should control business and redistribute wealth. His New Deal programs dramatically increased both the size and scope of the federal government, fundamentally changing (for the worse) the nation’s perception of the proper role for government in our society. Contrary to popular myth, Roosevelt helped cause the Great Depression through his monetary policies and public works boondoggles. All Americans are less free and less prosperous today as the result of Roosevelt’s presidency.

So why were congressional Republicans busy praising the man last week?

A resolution honoring Roosevelt and his “legacy” passed overwhelmingly in the US House of Representatives Wednesday. The resolution expressly praised his New Deal programs, applauded his administration’s “productive partnership with private enterprise…by appointing top businessmen to run the production agencies” and repeated the lie that somehow he led America out of the Depression. The resolution ends with the preposterous assertion that “a grateful Nation and world are better off because of President Roosevelt’s inimitable leadership.”

The resolution was introduced by a Democrat, but Republican leaders of the House tightly control procedural rules that determine what legislation reaches the floor. The bill could not have seen the light of day without their approval. To read the resolution, go to http://www.thelibertycommittee.org/hjres87.htm .

Only five House Republicans had the integrity to vote against the resolution, while six others voted “present.” Nearly 200 Republicans joined the unanimous and enthusiastic Democrats in voting to honor FDR’s terrible legacy.

This vote provides yet another example that the mainstream Republican party has abandoned any last vestiges of principle and ideology. The big-government neocon faction of the GOP finds much to admire in FDR, but rank-and-file Republicans still believe in lower taxes, less regulation, and more personal liberty — not socialism. Voters who rejoiced when the GOP took control of both Congress and the White House could not have imagined their heroes would proceed to spend, borrow, expand, and regulate even more than Clinton did! The national GOP has lost all credibility as the party of limited government, and Americans who love liberty should not be fooled by big-government socialists simply because they have an “R” next to their name.

You can see how your representative voted, as well as express your opinion about his or her vote by going to http://capwiz.com/liberty/issues/votes/?votenum=65&chamber=H&congress=1082 .

Kent Snyder

The Liberty Committee



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