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Protest Zones

Here we go. I see the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals has upheld the idea of “protest zones” to protect the LDS temple square complex from anti-Mormon protestors.


Well, I guess we should have seen it coming. First, the President gets “free speech zones” to protect himself from having to see protestors who don’t like him. This way, he can live in a world full of “everyone loves me” feelings. Great.

Now a church has basically done the same thing. You can protest against them, but you have to do it over there and out of sight. It’s for the greater good. Right?

Yeah, right. It’s always for the better. Only people are too blinded to see the progression here.

I don’t mind the LDS Church. In fact, I have nothing specifically against the Mormons. I don’t hate them or even really dislike them. Were this decision in favor of the Catholics, Baptists, Buddhists, nudists, or anyone else, I’d feel the same.

What’s happening here is our First Amendment is being slowly strangled. It’s a progression…

You see, first the started in on the Second Amendment; since that’s our most powerful tool against tyranny (and therefore the statists can’t stand it). 20,000 gun laws later (and counting), the 2nd Amendment is becoming more and more mute.

So now they’ve started whittling away at our First Amendment rights. After all, if we can’t say anything without getting in trouble, they’ll have the second largest annoyance out of their way. No more annoying letters from the plebes trying to tell their congresscritters what to do.

Won’t be long before there’re 20,000 anti-free-speech laws “for our own good” too.

This is what the “progressive agenda” is all about, folks. Slowly, progressively, whittling away your rights until we live in an authoritarian, socialist hell. It’s been talked about in the past… 1984, Animal Farm, Logan’s Run, the Matrix… things don’t just suddenly become bad, they progress towards it over time.

We’re in the middle of a progression towards tyranny.

Pay attention!


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