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TheIRS: Stories from the field

I got this email today in response to an article I ran in one of my business newsletters. The article was titled “The 37 Cent Mistake” and basically advised people to put TWO stamps on their tax returns before sending them in lest the envelope be deemed too heavy and get returned (thus making you late in sending your tax return).

Anyway, here’s a response one of my readers sent:

The 37 cent mistake happened to me in 1985. I got a letter from the IRS stating they had lost my 1984 return. I immediately sent them a copy which they also lost. It took 9 years of fighting with the IRS to get the matter straightened out. During the nine years the IRS raided my checking and savings accounts in order to collect my ‘estimated tax’. Finally the IRS admitted they were wrong and refunded all my money they had taken with interest (over $7000). Within a week after I got my refund the IRS sent me a tax bill on the interest they had paid me.



Remember: your income tax is “voluntary”…


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