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Re: Libertarians, Guns, and the Government’s Lack of Fear

The following is a reply to the below post from the same forum (Yahoo! Groups Underground Economy…see my links page for details). This was posted by Wayne.

I’ve thought about this as well. I have to agree, and I think I’ve pegged *why* this sometimes is. I don’t think it’s any more complicated than that many–if not most–of us simply are uncertain as to *when* to act in defense of our rights. When is it far enough?

I think most liberty-minded folk are in general agreement as to what course of action to take should a gun-grab be instituted (although some folks would still be paralyzed with doubt at *that* point.) But that’s really not enough, is it? I fear that by the time it comes to that, many of us will be broken in so many other ways that we’ll be among the ones paralyzed… or that even if we aren’t, the circumstances would have been manipulated to the point where it wouldn’t matter.

What about financial rights? Our grandparents and great-grandparents, from what I understand, lined up to turn in their gold back in the 30’s. I’m not sure they would want to trust a voluntary turn-in this time. Would we be paralyzed should the knock at the door turn out to be a demand for all gold and/or silver coins and bullion?

And how about travel? We’re already subjected to… quite a bit should we attempt to fly nowadays. What happens if there’s another terrorist attack, and what happened in New York on 9/11 happens to your town–they order you to evacuate the area, fully planning on searching your house in your absense. Will we be paralyzed with doubt then?

What if they show up with a syringe and demand you accept a smallpox vaccine?

And yes, what *if* you see a SWAT team decend on your neighbor’s house, break down the door, and drag him away? What conditions would have to be satisfied in such a scenario to remove one’s doubt, if we had any here?

I think it’s *critical* that those dedicated to defending their rights decide what their “lines in the sand” are, generating a rough grass-roots consensus–and that we mentally surround ourselves and our rights with them. This will not only remove such doubts when WE are in such situations… but will also remove such doubts when we see that OTHERS are in those situations as well. Beginning discussions (not necessarily online) that lead to such a general consensus–and “public knowledge”–on several specific, key “lines in the sand” would, IMO, go far in strengthening the resolve of many of our kind.



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