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I posted this to the Underground Economy forum this morning (see “links” page for info on this forum). It was in reply to a thread regarding several Baptist ministers calling for their congregations to remove their children from public schools.

I applaud the Baptists for making this move. However, in my opinion, this is too little, too late.

It’s great to assume that if we “save” the next generation (or two) from public school indoctrination, that they’ll win the battle for liberty for us. I don’t think so. Public school is only one big piece of the huge indoctrination pie.

These same parents will have to turn off the electric babysitter (TV), not allow most movies to be seen, filter magazines, newspapers, and even books… and all parents will have to do it; one parent not doing his/her duty could mean the poisoning of one child, who will spread that poison to other children.

No, people, we can’t “hope for the future” by hoping that the “next generation” will take care of it. This is no better than the average Baby Boomer retiree demanding that the next generation pay for their retirement entitlements.

Don’t put your payment to liberty on your children’s shoulder. It’s not their debt to pay. It should not be ours either, but our parents allowed it to be passed on. It will have to be paid eventually…and with interest. Better to pay it NOW with the interest already accrued than to take the easy way out and pass it on to the next generation with a higher interest burden…

We are quick to scream about our children dying in Iraq for reasons of shaky and unwarranted merit. We are quick to shout that our children are being educated into socialism in our public schools. We are quick to lament that our children will never understand liberty as we do…

Why aren’t WE the ones, then, who stand up and fight? Why aren’t WE the ones leading the New American Revolution?

I’m afraid that we’re the last generation with any inkling of what true freedom and liberty really are. It is up to us to jump in and give it CPR or stand back with the crowd and watch it die…



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