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What do the status quo enforcers really inflict on us?

From the author of “Hologram of Liberty” and “Molon Labe,” Boston T. Party:

America is unique. It has a government which simply cannot tell the truth, and a people which simply cannot hear the truth. Hence the partnership. Our country is like a tawdry apartment in which everything has been swept under the rug but the residents walk all over the lumpy, undulating floor as if nothing were out of the ordinary. Those areas which have several feet of secreted truth – such as JFK being assassinated by triangulated rifle fire, or TWA 800 exploding from a missile strike, or the Murrah Building blowing up from shaped charges wrapped around its structural pillars – we navigate around in a conspiracy of silence. Americans are guilty en masse because they refused to march in the streets – refused to sit-down strike – until their government told them the truth.

— From the F.A.Q. section of Boston’s website

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