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Utah Republican Convention

The Republicans in Utah have raped their own platform (as of today), so I guess I can’t like even the hard-core ones

anymore either. They’ve removed the Jury Nullification plank from their platform and made a series of other anti-freedom changes thanks in large part to the work of their “Constitutional authority,” Utah’s Attorney General Mark Shurtleff. I should have pissed on his campaign signs when I had the chance…

At the convention today, someone told me that he was supporting Oleane Walker because the NRA gave her an “A” rating. I said, “Big deal. The National Republican Apologists gave George Bush their top rating too, and he said publicly that he’d sign an ‘assault weapons’ ban continuance. If the GOA gave her a good score, I’d consider voting for her.”

Another told me he supported Marty Stevens because of his stance on “home schooling.” I said “What stance? He won’t outlaw it outright, but only in pieces?”

Today, at the Republican convention, I saw nothing but money and bullshit pandering. I saw Enid Greene shaking hands with Mark Shurtleff. I saw Chris Cannon guffawing with John Swallow. I saw lavish displays of money being spent.

Yet I heard no public displays of anything but same-old rhetoric and pandering from the candidates.

These people want to run our government. If they’re planning to run it the way they’re running their campaigns, I can only mourn for the future of Utah.

I used to like the Republican Party. After today, I have nothing but disdain for anyone who chooses to be a part of it. Even those who think they’re going to “change it from within.” It’s beyond saving.

I will rejoice when the gun show packs the house as heavily as the Republican Party. I will cry to the heavens in thanks when the Republican Party is sad to find their Utah convention barely fills the County Council Chambers on 2100 South. I will bake a turkey and give thanks on the day that Republicans become overjoyed at one of their candidates “pulling 3% of the vote.”

Were it not for third parties on the ballot, I would tear up my voter registration card today and forget about it.


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