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Third Parties – Are They Useless?

The following is an email I sent to a friend of mine after a discussion online about why one third party member couldn’t vote for another third party’s candidate (we’re talking Libertaran and Constitution parties here, which are 99% the same).

I’ve about given up on political parties as a tool altogether. I can accomplish a few things via the Libertarian Party and it’s a nice addition to the “activist resume” to include that, but I’m questioning whether I will continue my membership. I dropped membership in the NRA-ILA thanks to their worthless “action” and continual activity as the National Republican Apologists. I may do the same for Libertarians.

The biggest problem I’ve found with third parties is that, for the most part, they attract idealists who may or may not have an ideal completely coherent with the rest of the group. These idealists are generally not activists, but are eggheads. Thanks to this, they spend very little time actually DOING anything and a whole lot of time ARGUING semantics and philosophical points with one another.

Thanks to this lack of coherence, lack of activity, and general anti-social behavior, third parties rarely attract anyone beyond their limited appeal radius. Thus we have not the Constitution Party, the Libertarian Party, or the Green Party; instead we have the Religious Constitutionalists, the Ayn Randians, and the Socialist Nature Party.

Literally, I don’t plan to work very hard to get elected. I don’t plan to kill myself or continue to kill my business to sacrifice for political change in Utah (with or without the LP). Instead, we’re going to leave. We’ve found a place that’s liberty-oriented already, can be controlled at the county level with very few of us like-minded people going there, etc.

Our plan is to take over Crook County in Wyoming and make it a “free western state” by controlling the county government (including Sheriff; law is useless without enforcement) with liberty-minded people (voters). Who knows? Eventually this may mean that the whole of Wyoming becomes the same way…

I went to a meeting in Montana discussing this idea with several others. We’ve got about a dozen people ready to move within the next 12 months and another 20+ within 24. People from all over the place (Canada, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, and more). Our basic blueprint is the book “Molon Labe” by Boston T. Party (molon labe is Greek for “Come and take them!”).

Utah will never change. Too much control is exerted by the dominant religion, the sheeple, and the UEA. People here literally do not WANT to change. They’re taught from birth in their church that “contention” is bad and to go along to get along–I should know, I got that for fifteen years before I finally told them where to stick it. (I’m aweful contentious…it’s the red hair.)

The hill is too steep and is covered in gravel and grease. I’m no longer willing to skin my knees trying to climb.


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