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Trust No One In Government

by Aaron Turpen

Recently, I was betrayed by a friend. He promised something and then reneged on that promise because his financial situation was desperate enough he apparently felt justified. When confronted with this betrayal, he chose to attack me personally rather than defend himself, make amends, or apologize. This person happens to have been an elected public servant in the past and is presently attempting to win election to another office.

Coincidence? I don’t think so.

In my experience, this is not unusual. I should have known better than to have been friends with him. It’s my considered opinion that anyone (and I mean ANYONE) in this day and age who accepts a job paid for with tax dollars, especially one which is an elected position or has any kind of authority to it, has sold out and will continue to sell themselves out as time goes on. People who accept that tax money taken from the populace by coercion and then paid to them as a salary is kosher will have no trouble selling you out as soon as it benefits them to do so.

“Well, you certainly don’t mean so-and-so,” you’ll say. Everyone has a friend in government somewhere, whether it be a meter-maid, a congressman, or a clerk at the DMV. I said no exceptions. They’re all sell-outs. Ditto for anyone who actively pursues public office, even if they lose their election. Sell outs.

Now, before you send me your hate mail and tell me how Joe the Cop can’t be bad (“he’s just doing his job”) and before you write me nasty grams informing me that your friend Betty at the Social Welfare office is doing good for society‚Ķthink about what I said earlier. They have sold out by accepting money stolen from you, your friends, and their own family by coercion (taxation) in order to draw a salary for themselves.

Further, before you send those Anthrax-laden letters to my doorstep, put this person you have so much trust in to the test. Make that person choose between your friendship and the law…or your friendship and their enrichment…or better yet, your friendship and the loss of their job… You’ll find out if I’m right.

If your friend will choose your friendship over avoidance of serious hardship, consider yourself very lucky and be glad that you got your friend out of their immoral livelihood. If you are a public servant or public employee of any kind, do yourself (and those around you) a favor and quit your job immediately. Find gainful employment in an honest profession and stop stealing from your friends and family to feed yourself.

Freedom starts at home. The sooner we make life miserable for those who would steal from us to better themselves, the sooner we’ll make change for the better and restore liberty to this nation.

Give no support, help, friendship, etc. to anyone who chooses a life of legalized crime to support themselves. Instead, refuse to do business with them, drive on by when they’re stranded on the side of the road with a flat tire, and be as rude and unfriendly as possible to them at all times. Make sure they know why you’re treating them this way…someone will ask eventually. Tell them the truth. You don’t like being stolen from to pay their salary and you aren’t going to be friendly with anyone who is willing to whore themselves by accepting stolen money as payment.


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