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Posted: May 22nd, 2004 by Militant Libertarian

My good friend Dale Williams sent the following comments on the article:

Good article, moose. Its dead nuts on, too. Though most people are so out of it (socialized) that they won’t have the context to remotely get what you’re saying. But the article is down to earth and plain spoken, its great.

The problem is that this world is full of, largely, two kinds of people. First are those who, having gone to a Marxist college (almost all of them are), believe that we need the amount of government we have, and likely a good deal more — to begin to manage all those untidy areas (children left behind, and such). These are soccer moms, Cher and most anybody else that you’ve met through the media or in a coffee shop, or who is under 30.

What passes today for a “conservative” is actually a classical fascist — as you well know. Among other bizarre beliefs, these people think that the form and amount of govt. we live under is a direct expression of the synthesis of the public will. Hence the pronouncement: “I have no problem with anybody who works for the I.R.S. They’re just doing what we hired them to do.” — K-Talk Radio Host, May, 04

I guess that people like this have not managed to get acquainted with the fact that the vast majority of Americans want us out of the U.N., want a radical change in immigration policy, want taxes lowered. The list of intractable cases of government “unresponsiveness” is, of course, as long as your arm. The so-called “conservatives” (fascists) know that the tax burden will never seriously change so long as the present United States continues to operate. They know that we will never leave the U.N. They know that, no matter what, our southern border will remain open. And, subliminally at least, they realize that these constants, taken together with the assumption that the average person does not wish for national suicide, mean that the Republic is as dead as a brick — has been for over a century.

Respecting your article, what then is the real nature of an I.R.S. employee? Or, for that matter, the civilian manager of a wartime manufacturing facility employing slave labor in WWII Germany? Or, the cops who beat and gas people peacefully protesting F.T.A.A. summits?

Their nature is that of people who have long ago decided to disconnect from their conscience and to accept the moral pardon offered by “employment” — especially direct employment by the govt. They are people who live under the protection of tyranny in exchange for being a cog in the machine of state. And, like the Soviet soldiers who loaded millions of their fellow citizens into cattle cars, they are the indispensable muscle of the slave state.

Throughout history it has always been possible to hire 1/2 of the poor to kill the other half. The rape of Yugoslavia under Clinton. Now the destruction of over 60,000 souls in Iraq under Bush and at the whim of the Zionists. This country is a menace to its non-government affiliated citizens and to any foreign citizen who may live in a country that has something that the U.S. or the “Israelis” want.

I believe that people are born with a particular disposition toward other living things, an innate capacity (or lack thereof) to become aware of the presence of other souls within the physical forms around them, including their fellow man. This disposition determines the level of environmental violence necessary to warp someone into an I.R.S. agent, a brutal, morally indiscriminate cop or a media apologist for the abuses of an empire. Some require hardly any twisting at all. Others were transmogrified at such a young age that they were human for only the briefest moment anyway.

Shortly, we will see society divide up along the lines of those with this endowment and those without it — the ones who wave a paycheck as if it were a badge or a pardon.



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