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How Citizens Enable Political Corruption

This is probably the most important thing I’ve seen from the good people at Accountability Utah. Well worth reading no matter where you live or how you’re involved in politics…

How Citizens Enable Political Corruption

enabler: “To supply with the means, knowledge, or opportunity…

to make feasible or possible…” — Online Dictionary Reference

Foreword: Whether you have been reading our publications for a while or only recently, you may be wondering why Accountability Utah seems so “harsh” and “mean” to candidates and officeholders that some consider to be “good” or “conservative”. Wouldn’t it be better if we focused all of our attention on socialist Democrats? And why don’t we emphasize more of the good officials may do, rather than so much of the negative? Aren’t we just hurting the cause of freedom by employing such “extreme” tactics?

Accountability Utah believes that, in order to secure a future of freedom, citizens must be challenged to confront the status quo interpretation of what politics is and how citizens should interact with their political representatives. In that spirit, we would like to respond to these leading questions, by addressing some of the related political weaknesses that we believe obstruct individuals and society from the pursuit of prosperity, happiness, and peace.

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