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Extreme Force Options

When a crowd engages in violent activities, a control force may have to resort to forceful measures to control the crowd. Strong measures of force are used only against crowds who employ defenses, arms, or tactics that make lesser measures of force ineffective or impractical. These measures include the use of firearms, the most extreme measure of force. The use of firearms ranges from the M234, which is a nondeadly force measure, to the machine gun, which is the most deadly force measure. The commander employs these firearms in a manner that is consistent with the principle of using minimum force. When employing firearms, way that the commander tries to ensure that they are used in a minimizes the chances for fatalities.

The riot shotgun is an extremely versatile weapon. Its appearance and capability have a strong psychological effect on rioters. It is particularly suited to certain applications in civil disturbance operations. When used with No. 00 buckshot, it is effective at a limited range. However, the use of No. 00 buckshot should be limited to specific missions. For example, it is ideally suited for use as a “covering” weapon in the antisniper role, during room-to-room searches, and at critical static posts that could be penetrated by a high-speed vehicle. By varying the ammunition from No. 00 to No. 7 1/2 or No. 9 birdshot, the shotgun can be used with considerably less possibility of serious injury or death. This gives the commander flexibility in choosing the ammunition that is most appropriate for the existing conditions.

The rifle is the primary individual weapon used in civil disturbance operations. The exception is crowd control operations. The primary weapon for crowd control is the riot baton. The rifle also may be used for antisniper operations.

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