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Shall Not Be Infringed…

“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

–US Constitution, Amendment II (“Second Amendment”)

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (aka BATF, ATF, BATFE) recently conducted several raids on gun dealers, focusing on a gun show in Nevada: click here for their press release on the matter.

“All of the defendants were charged with dealing firearms without a license, illegal sales of firearms, possession of unregistered firearms, and possession of firearms by prohibited persons.”

Hmm… “Dealing firearms withouth a [federally-issued] license [“permission slip”],” “illegal sales of firearms” [sales they don’t approve of], “possession of unregistered firearms” [registered for later confiscation, obviously], and possession of firearms by prohibited persons” [people the GOVERNMENT won’t allow to have]…


Apparently the ATF and the federal courts that support their gestapo-like tactics missed these four words located in the Second Amendment. Remember, the ATF is part of the Department of the Treasury and are NOT “law enforcement” officers, but are merely tax collectors!!!

I received an email (forwarded from a friend) regarding one of the “criminals” in the above action. This company is run by a couple of retirement-age guys who have been in business for over twenty years. TWENTY YEARS!

In that time, they’ve never had a single problem with the (dumbass) government rules and regulations. In fact, the ATF admitted that they took his LEGAL weapons and could find nothing wrong…but they’re keeping them anyway!

Here’s a quote from his letter:

“They seized me at gun point, told me that this was being preformed because of “credible witnesses” claiming that I was (and I quote) ‘building and selling – illegally – machine guns and silencers in the North West’.

“They released me to immediately return home and await their instructions.

“Upon meeting with the local ATF agents in CDA that week, I was (again) told that I was supposed to be a mean, nasty, evil, criminal anti-government, anti-ATF person and they wanted me out of business and possibly criminally prosecuted as well.

“One week later, I was informed that after scrutinizing all our paperwork and the guns they had seized, they realized that I wasn’t a criminal as they thought and that the allegations were false.

“But they still want ALL our guns they stole and us out of business. Those guns are all we have left.”

Get that? First, they arrest this “dangerous felon” and then immediately release him back onto the streets…not so dangerous, was he? Then they’ve taken his guns (totalling $150,000 worth of stuff, by the way) and, after finding he didn’t actually do anything, they still won’t return his rightful property!

What Kurt here is asking for is help. He wants money for his legal defense fund (all of his money was seized by the ATF), letters from prominent people who have done business with him in the past twenty years (there are definitely going to be a lot of those), etc. What he doesn’t understand is the ATF’s track record with this kind of thing…

If he beats them and gets his stuff back…if he beats them and gets his business back…if he beats the ATF and gets his life back…they’ll find another way to destroy him. They’ll send in the IRS to audit his business and freeze his bank accounts…they’ll send in the CDC to close down his residence or business building (with NO ACCESS) because of a “threat.” They’ll continue to hound him until he goes insane, dies, or messes up in a way that he can’t win when they pounce on him again.

The ATF doesn’t like to lose. They’ll keep coming back. They’re the “good guys” and the “good guys” always win!

What the ATF doesn’t understand is that the Gestapo was eventually overthrown…there were resistance factions that made it a point to target gestapo agents…

Here’s what I pledge: I will never “register” a gun, I will not worry whether any weapon I purchase is “legal” under the ATF’s rules, I will not bother to contemplate whether I could do federal time for owning something that my forefathers and the founders of this nation knew I’d need to own in order to protect myself from government tyranny…

I pledge this: if agents come and attempt to take from me what is my birthright as an American, I will use those implements they wish to seize against them… When it’s all over, I will stand before God knowing I have done right. I will bear witness against them on their Judgement Day. I will not be found guilty.

I challenge all Americans with any balls left to take this same pledge and live by it. Sell or trade your “registered” guns to get unregistered ones. Learn to use them properly (hitting a paper target at 100 yards isn’t “properly” – learn to use them in a MILITARY fashion). Then pass this pledge on to your friends and get them to take it as well. If there are a lot of us, the ATF will become useless.


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