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Propaganda Vs Persuasion

Part I of III

By Laura Dawn Lewis

November 29, 2003, Portland, OR.: This is the first of the three-part series covering propaganda and the tools employed by it. This will not be an easy essay to read; many will be infuriated. Infuriation toward differing presentations of facts, objectives or motivation is a byproduct of propaganda with its built-in denial and refusal to acknowledge, consider or accept.

Propaganda currently is entrenched in US policy and public opinion, accepted as fact and evident through nearly every area of social concern from foreign policy, health care and conservation to the Gay Rights movement. One spends hours sifting through messages to distinguish propaganda from reality. Once one element uncovers, three more challenges pile atop. Superior propaganda entrenches itself within society’s minds, self-perpetuating through acceptance and shared argument as those succumbing defend it even when they may suspect it. It is an art form and science based on agendas that rely on viral and repetitive perpetuation by the masses. Through its very nature, it supplies its own defense often built on illogical exceptions; those whom buy in, passionately defend it.

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