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"Screw Pizza Hut"

June 1, 2004

“Ronald B. Honeycutt, 38, who has a permit to carry a concealed weapon, says he’s been delivering pizzas for 20 years and has always packed heat on the job,” reports WorldNetDaily.com (http://www.worldnetdaily.com/news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=38726) today. At around 11 p.m. on May 17th, just after he had made a delivery in a high-crime neighborhood in Indianapolis, a dirtball confronted Honeycutt with a loaded 9 mm handgun. At that point, Honeycutt pulled out his own 9 mm from the back of his pants and fired 15 times, hitting the would-be robber at least 10 times, killing him.

Sounds like pretty good gun “control” to us. And dare we say, an awfully effective “deterrent.”

Anyway, Honeycutt went back to his Pizza Hut store and called the cops. The cops have since determined that Honeycutt acted in self-defense and will not face criminal charges. Nevertheless.

Pizza Hut fired him.

For violating a company policy against carrying firearms.

BRUSHFIRE ALERT: Now, let’s be honest here. Pizza Hut, as a private business, has the right to make such a rule and enforce it.

On the other hand, WE have the right to voice our objections to such a stupid rule and refuse to do business with them unless and until they change it.

And if you’d like to voice YOUR opinion about how Mr. Honeycutt was treated, you can call the Pizza Hut corporate office at 1-972-7700 or give them a “pizza” your mind by emailing them through their website at http://www.pizzahut.com/contact/feedback_other.asp

You can also quickly and easily locate the Pizza Hut franchise store near you – along with their phone number – by going to: http://www.pizzahut.com/locator/.

I just called the store in my neighborhood and spoke with the manager. I explained that my family would no longer be dining in her restaurant and why. The woman’s response was, “You should call the corporate office. That incident in Indiana has nothing to do with us.” To which I responded, “Well, it does now. ‘Cause you just lost a customer over it. Maybe YOU should call the corporate office.”

Something tells me she will…

Chuck Muth


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