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The Socialism of Social Security

by Jacob G. Hornberger, December 2003

The crown jewel of the socialist welfare state in America is Social Security. Rooted in the socialist predilections of Otto von Bismarck, the “iron chancellor” of Germany in the late 1800s, Social Security is one of the most immoral, anti-family socialist programs in America today. It also perfectly embodies the American people’s denigration of the great God-given gift of free will.

One of the Ten Commandments, of course, is “Honor thy father and thy mother,” but implicit in that commandment is the notion that individuals are free to say “No.” That’s what freedom and free will are all about. If the state forces a person to honor his mother and father or punishes him for failing to do so, then that person is not truly free. Moreover, to the extent that his decisions are motivated by threat of punishment by the state his actions mean nothing in terms of virtue and morality.

The state justifies Social Security on two grounds. One, that it is actually a retirement system in which the government taxes a person, puts the money away in a safe place, and then gives it to the person when he reaches retirement age. But it’s all a lie.

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