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I Am Not Responsible



by Russell Madden

When I have difficulty finding a job, it is not because I am lazy or unskilled or intimidated by all the legal hoops the State has created to inhibit citizens from starting their own businesses. It is not because I fear change and am unwilling to try something new. No. It’s the fault of foreign competition that floods the market with cheap goods. Or it’s due to out-sourcing. Or Walmart.

I am not responsible.

If I am fat, it is not because I eat junk food all day long. It is not because I sit on the couch playing video games or watching TV hour after hour. It is not because I never exercise. It is not because exerting willpower is too much like work. No. It is because of my genetics. Or my metabolism. Or callous corporations like McDonald’s trapping me in a “toxic food environment.” Or because food is too cheap and too plentiful.

I am not responsible.

To read this great essay, follow this link: http://home.earthlink.net/~rdmadden/webdocs/I_Am_Not_Responsible.html


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