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Would the Feds Purposefully Terrorize US Citizens?

Would the federal government ever purposefully terrorize US citizens?

[I mean besides the IRS or BATF…]

Would they even seriously propose to do so?

See what the Joint Chiefs of Staff had to say on the matter in the Operation Northwoods document to the President just released (in 2002) after 40 years of being classified…


Begin on page 7 to see what options were presented for attacking civilians under the “Remember the Maine” section.

Additional links:

Original report available at the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA)

1) http://www.nara.gov/cgi-bin/starfinder/0?path=standard.txt&id=demo&pass=&OK=OK

2) click on Arc Search

3) enter “intervention in Cuba” (without the quotes), search and

4) 4th link down




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