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Excellent Expose on the Utah "Gay Marriage Amendment"

Here is an excellent writeup on Utah’s proposed Amendment 3 (aka “The Gay Marriage Amendment”) from my good friends and freedom fighters at Accountability Utah.


Is Caesar’s Marriage Idolatrous?

Foreword: Accountability Utah vehemently opposes Constitutional Amendment 3 dealing with the question of marriage and the rights of couples. Accountability Utah team members are divided, however, on the particular reasons for their opposition. Accountability Utah wishes to provide two different perspectives for readers to consider. Topics 1-7 provide the view of several team members. Topic 8 outlines where other team members part company and view things differently.

Summary of Topics 1-7: We oppose both sentences of Constitutional Amendment 3. Government proponents feverishly sell this amendment as a way to protect the traditional family. This is a farce and a smoke screen. This amendment represents unjust government force, the suppression of “unsanctioned” citizens — polygamists, fornicators, and especially homosexuals — who are deemed to be “undesirable,” and the effort to increase the size of government in the name of God. To combat this deception, we also discuss homosexuality in context with society.

Summary of Topic 8: We disagree with the notion implied by our colleagues that homosexuality is any less criminal or destructive to society than are crimes such as theft and adultery. While we do not advocate government peeking into bedrooms to monitor sexual behavior, we do not believe that homosexuals are entitled to any right to publicly promote their lifestyle. We also believe that we are morally justified in prohibiting homosexuals from adopting children and marrying.

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