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Break the Law Legally…

Aaron’s Note: The following is from Rex Curry and has been spread around a few Internet forums. I thought it appropriate, fun, and a great idea!

As a libertarian attorney, I am often asked about legal ways to do things that are normally illegal in the U.S. or in some states. One way to evade the U.S. police state is to travel. Vacations are a fun time to leave the U.S. and break as many U.S. laws as possible (but not really breaking the law because U.S. laws don’t normally apply in foreign countries). It can be a fun time to leave your home state and break as many home-state laws as possible in another state (whenever friends visit from New York City we fill the car with guns and take them out shooting). Another example: Cuban cigars can be bought in most foreign countries (the U.S. police state prosecutes its citizens with felony charges for importing Cuban cigars). Gambling is enjoyed (gambling is illegal in much of the U.S. and the only reason Florida has any land-based casino gambling is thank goodness for the Indians). Grand Cayman has a turtle farm where humans can handle sea turtles (the U.S. police state prosecutes its citizens with felony charges for merely handling sea turtles). Grand Cayman serves turtle burgers and turtle fritters and turtle anyway it can be prepared (that’s illegal in the U.S. and they will confiscate your turtle purchases). Mexico lets you walk on top of Mayan ruins (that is probably an arrestable offense in the U.S. police state). At the Grand Canyon, the Hualapai Indians will let people do things that would result in arrest or hassling by federal bureaucrats. Cruises are a great time to proselytize about liberty. Take T-shirts and caps that read “Say No to Searches” and “My socialist Slave number is 262-00-6302” and “More government means you need more guns” and “RexCurry.net” all visible at http://rexcurry.net Your audience is captive. And here’s a neat trick: every time a boat photographer wants to shoot you, say “yes.” Your shirts and caps will be sprinkled throughout the photo gallery and every single passenger will see them. And join in the videotaped activities that the cruise line replays constantly on the TV.

Nothing ruins a vacation like the government, and especially the U.S. police state. They demand your papers coming and going and they want the asinine U.S. Customs form 6059B (19 CFR 122.27, 148.12, 148.13, 148.110, 148.111, 1498, 31 CFR 5316) upon your return. You can be held prisoner for hours waiting in the heat for your government to let you go home. Everyone is fuming all over the boat about the local gestapo, and that is the perfect time to walk all the way around each level of the boat and then switch your shirt and cap and do it again, over and over, until the prisoners are released. Who knows, your shirts and caps might incite a riot.

AMSTERDAM: http://members.ij.net/rex/commentary/vices.html It has personal freedoms found almost no where else.

http://members.ij.net/rex/vicesdutch.html and


ARIZONA: http://members.ij.net/rex/arizona.html Reject government tours of the Grand Canyon. Embrace the Hualapai River Runners & Indian Reservation.

GRAND CAYMAN ISLANDS: http://members.ij.net/rex/ecoturtles.html tasty sea turtles and conchs, but no caimans! http://members.ij.net/rex/cayman.html

LONDON: http://members.ij.net/rex/commentary/London.html they need guns.

KEY WEST: see the Curry Mansion on the local tour and learn about the rich history of Curry Capitalists.

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PHILADELPHIA: http://members.ij.net/rex/commentary/philadelphia.html liberty seems so long ago.

TAMPA: http://members.ij.net/rex/tour.html discover it’s heritage of freedom. Meet local libertarians, and enjoy boating, skiing and wakeboarding on the Hillsborough River.

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YBOR CITY: http://members.ij.net/rex/commentary/Ybor.html don’t let hysterical perversionists destroy it.

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