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Minority Group Descriminates Against Candidates

The following is from a candidate for Governor of Utah who was NOT invited to attend a Meet the Candidate get-together put on by a “minority group” (despite being one of three candidates and being active in his candidacy). The hypocrisy and irony of this astounds me:


I just spoke at the Utah Cultural Celebration Center. I am a candidate for Governor of Utah. Just like my two fellow candidates, I have done everything necessary to place my name on the ballot. I should be the candidate for the Comunidad Latina because I believe everyone is equal. I believe everyone who desires to come to the United States should be welcomed. I do not believe in rejecting anyone for any reason. I refuse to discriminate.

Yet, at the meeting I was only allowed to speak for less than half the time given to my fellow candidates. I was discriminated against because I belong to a “minority” party. I was saddened that people who want to end discrimination against minorities would then discriminate against me.

I picked up a copy of your paper. On the front, you show the pictures of my fellow candidates, but you pretend I do not exist. How can you claim to stand for nondiscrimination of minority citizens when you are willing to discriminate against a minority candidate?

If I am elected Governor, I will work to end all forms of discrimination. I would hope that in the future you will practice nondiscrimination as well as you preach it.

You can learn about my candidacy on our party web page http://www.personalchoice.org

I forgive you for not seeing me because I am a candidate on a minority party. I hope you will also forgive others in Utah who do not see you because you are a member of a minority group.

I hope someday we can all learn to treat everyone equally.

Thank you,

Muchas gracias,

Ken Larsen, Candidate for Governor

Personal Choice Party


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