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I got a little interested this morning in where a lot of you readers are coming from. I looked through and found the usual links, but found some interesting ones too. Here’s a good sample of who’s linking to me:


I’m listed right there with a review on “Luma Ring” sights for your AR. Nice. :) I like the title on this blog, though: “End the War on Freedom.”


I’m linked as a “Libertarian blog” along with the Advocates for Self-Government. w00t!


This appears to be a liberal blog (pro gun control, at any rate) and I’m mentioned as “scary.” Yep, that’s me, one pissed off, scary mo’fo – I’m red-headed and Celtic/Norse to boot! WAUGH!


Here I’m linked as a “Utah blog” along with my friend Fran.


…and here I am listed as a place to get “instructions on what to think.” Whatever that means. Considering that I’m a frikkin’ genius, I guess that sort of makes sense… LISTEN TO ME, YOU S-O-Bs!

Wow, that’s some interesting linkage there. I’m kind of starting to feel bad for not linking back to some of these kinds of places…oh, wait, that’s what this post just did. I feel much better.

Of course, I’d feel even better (much, much better) if the government would just lay off and lemme be free. Oh, wait, they’re benevolent and can do no wrong, so we should all surrender our freedom “for the common good” and to promote “social welfare” and whatever else the catch-phrase for the War on Freedom is in this nation today.

Some days I feel like I’m the only person in the country who’s awake…


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