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Winter Camping

A small group of us went camping this weekend. Yep, out in the cold winter for an overnighter. We hiked in, carrying all of our gear, camped, and came back the next day. It was bitter cold, but not too bad if you were prepared.

Camping in the wintertime reminds me of how harsh it must have been for those poor bastards who’ve served our country in various winter campaigns and died of exposure, lost digits/limbs to the cold, etc. Especially those patriots who served our nation in the Revolutionary War and went through the harsh conditions of Valley Forge.

Yes, I got a little sick this weekend. Yes, it was hard carrying my pack out thanks to sickness making it hard to breathe. Yes, I did not sleep as well as I would have in my bed at home. Yes, I felt the cold in my toes, fingers, and ears. But I suffered nothing compared to those who came before. I suffered for fun and exercise, they suffered for our country.

I’m nothing compared to them.


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