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Marine Sniper: 93 Confirmed Kills is the story of Carlos Hathcock, a hick from Kentucky who, through his love of shooting and his dedication to the Marine Corps, became the Corps’ number one sniper. A part of the founding of the Marine Corps’ sniper team and training programs, he began to exemplify what a Marine sniper is meant to be.

His life itself is very interesting, his exploits in Vietnam were great, and his personal sacrifices and perserverance are breath taking.

His tragic life end and new beginning are definitely something for all of us to learn from. His stoic dedication to his love of craft are something we should all remember. Carlos Hatchcock was one of the greatest of Americans, starting from nothing and becoming a legend.

Bravo Two Zero is the true story of a British SAS squad sent behind the lines early in the first Iraqi war to destroy SCUD missile bases and launchers. From the get-go, this mission was compromised and turned into a harrowing flight for life for these men.

The escape and evasion turned into a fight against nature (exposure in winter desert), enemy patrols, and even civilian goat herders… The eventual capture of the book’s author, Andy McNabb (squad leader) and others led to torture, deplorable conditions of capture, and eventual release to the Red Cross near the war’s end.

This book is an awesome read for anyone who believes that we may see this same type of war happening here in America from which some of us may be required to perform the same type of escape from our own government…


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