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Guantanamo Bay and "Rights"

A friend sent his response to someone’s email about how the prisoners are Guantanamo are “just criminals” and “aren’t Americans” and the rest of the usual Bush Administration line about why these people being held prisoner don’t matter for anything and so how we’re treating them is not worth worrying over.

I added these comments to the fray:

Our rights come from God, the Creator, Nature, or whatever other supernatural force which trumps man you wish to name. These rights are not granted by government, but are to be PROTECTED by government.

This means that no matter how lowly a criminal a person held in Guantanamo may be, that person STILL has the rights granted to him by our Creator – our government is specifically charged, by our Constitution, to protect those rights.

Any American who fails to understand this is doomed to lose their rights to a tyrannical government. “First they came for the criminals at Guantanamo, but I wasn’t a criminal at Guantanamo…”


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