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Posted: January 8th, 2005 by Militant Libertarian

I got a curious envelope today with a CFR return address. Hmm… Inside was an advertisement asking me to subscribe to their magazine, Foreign Affairs. Here’s my responding letter, which I’ve sent in the pre-paid envelope they so graciously provided:

January 8, 2005

Foreign Affairs

Subscriber Services

PO Box 420190

Palm Coast, FL 32142-9970

Dear Foreign Affairs (aka The Council on Foreign Relations);

I received your offer to subscribe to your magazine today. Sadly, I cannot pay you to receive this publication as I view you and your ilk to be among the top enemies of our nation, the United States of America.

I won’t re-iterate all of the things the CFR has done to sabotage and dismantle this great nation through your New World Order visions and underhanded, political subterfuge and tactics. You are the ones doing it, so you should obviously know what it is you’ve done.

Were I to have my way, first thing in the morning (Sunday or not), America would do the following:

For demanding these things, of course, I’m labeled a “right wing extremist,” a “racist,” and a “war monger.” Fine. Label me all you want. I’m still right.


Aaron Turpen


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