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Children Killed Thanks To Do-Nothing Police

Frightened by her estranged husband Simon’s erratic behavior, Jessica Gonzales took out a restraining order against him. When Simon kidnapped the couple’s three children, Jessica called the police multiple times begging for help, and even told them where the children were.

Despite Simon’s volatile history, despite his blatant violation of the restraining order, despite Jessica’s information on where the children could be found, and despite Colorado law that violators of restraining orders must be arrested … it wasn’t until Simon showed up at the Castle Rock police station and began firing upon it that Castle Rock’s finest responded. After killing Simon with return fire, police found the gunshot bodies of the couple’s three children in Simon’s truck, murdered by their own father.

Do you have the right to police protection? That’s the question the US Supreme Court will be deciding in the case of Gonzalez vs. Castle Rock


In the JPFO (Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership) book _Dial 911 and Die_ (http://www.jpfo.org/dial911anddie.htm), author Richard W. Stevens dispels the myth of police protection with a state-by-state rundown of case law and court decisions. The bottom line: you’re on your own. Gunowners NEED to remind people of this fact.

Relying on 911 and the police is a deadly fantasy. Jessica Gonzales bought into the monstrous myth that the police would protect her family, and paid for that naivete, with her children’s lives. Don’t allow the police and the gun-prohibitionists to weasel out of the fraud they’ve perpetrated upon the public.

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