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The traitor and his puppets

Couldn’t have said it better myself…

The traitor and his puppets

Time to face the unpleasant truth: President George W. Bush is a traitor to his country. So are the brain-dead puppets he controls with so much despotic ease.

Bush and the Republican Party have sold out the United States, replacing patriotism with political corruption and burying the needs of the nation beneath the swill of political expedience.

God these despicable cretins make me want to puke. They are not driven by love of country, morality or even the rule of law. They spit on the Constitution, trample the rights of Americans and turn democracy into a mockery.

The latest example of abuse of power and ignorance of law came over the weekend when Bush and the GOP leadership of Congress turned a private family tragedy into a shameless political opportunity. By attempting to interfere in the Terry Schiavo case, they said, in effect, that their narrow-minded views of the world are above the law and – according to all polls – above the wishes of the American people they are elected to serve.

Fortunately, a federal judge in Tampa and the federal appeals court in Atlanta put law above politics and told Bush and his klavern of political opportunists to take a hike, denying the blatant attempt to push a rights-restricting agenda.

Bush, who lies every time he opens his big mouth, tries to claim the issue is “about life,” but it isn’t. It’s about political power, greed, corruption and avarice. It’s about seizing any opportunity to advance the repressive causes of Bush and his party of power-mad despots.

Another example of Bush’s lies came today with release of a Pentagon document that shows U.S. forces knew bin Laden was hiding in Tora Bora in 2001 but let the terrorist leader slip away. During the 2004 Presidential campaign, both Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney swore the U.S. “never knew” bin Laden was hiding in those Afghanistan mountains.

Once again, Bush put political expediency above the truth. Once again, he sold out his nation. That makes him a traitor to America.

In a reasonable, sane world, those who lick Dubya’s ass and think what comes out of it lacks the distinctive odor of excrement should recognize something ain’t right. When the American Conservative Union crawls into bed with the American Civil Liberties Union to protest the rights-robbing USA Patriot Act, most sane people would realize something’s rotten at both 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and the Capitol at the other end of the Mall.

But the insanity that comes with power and corruption blinds those who follow Bush into the abyss. Those who should stand up shelved their love of country and replaced it with love of power and obedience to a political philosophy that has nothing to do with the best needs of a once-great nation called America.

These traitors try to cover their crimes by branding those who do not follow them in jackbooted lockstep as unpatriotic but they are the ones who have sold out their heritage and abandoned America.

They are traitors to their country and deserve to be treated as nothing less.

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