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Jim Matheson, Congressman, Patriot, Fascist

So here I am minding my own business when I get my monthly “e-news letter” from my “representative” in Washington, Congressman Jim Matheson: http://www.house.gov/matheson/newsletter/050324.html

Oh boy.

So in this issue we read that Mr. Matheson is a supporter of the War in Iraq, a supporter of the War on Drugs, and, of course, a supporter of the “downwinders” in southern Utah (his pet project and what gets him re-elected). Yay.

Sadly, Matheson, I think, is the best rep. Utah has in D.C. currently. He’s also the only Democrat. That says a lot considering how sad Matheson’s record is on most things.

He regularly gets “middle of the road” scores from both conservative and liberal institution’s ratings lists. He scores low on any report that has freedom as its #1 guideline. Yet he’s less for the police state than, say, Republican Orrin Hatch (aka “Adolph Hatch”) or his colleague, Republican (RINO) Chris Cannon.

Anyway…the point of all this is that there isn’t a single good representative of freedom and liberty in Washington, D.C. elected from Utah. Probably never will be, thanks to the morons who keep walking into the booth, selecting “R,” and walking out.

I’ve gotta get out of this state.

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