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The Celts

This is easily the best synopsis of the Celtic Peoples I’ve ever read: including printed publications. You can read it by clicking here (txt format).

Here’s the first paragraphs, which sum it up:

“Celts”: If the name means anything to the average American, it probably calls to mind a parade in Boston on St. Patrick’s Day, when even the beer is dyed green. Beyond a vague notion that the Irish, Scots, and Welsh share a romantic common heritage in some way different from the English whose language they mainly use, the Celts lie forgotten and irrelevant in the mists of time. Such ignorance is one of the symptoms of a race on the verge of collective suicide, for those with no knowedge of, or pride in, their forefathers are no more likely to have any concern for future generations of their kinfolk either.

Yet the Celts are regarded by historians as “the fathers of Europe.” Genetically as well as culturally they played a major part in laying the foundations for the great achievements of the White race. Just as important, many of the mistakes they made which condemned them to defeat and collapse contain lessons today for those striving to save our race from sinking forever into a sea of color, ignorance, and eternal filth. Let us, then, find out more about the Celts. Who were they? Where did they come from? What sort of lives did they lead? How did they rise to dominate much of Europe? And why did they fall from such a pinnacle into the scattered obscurity of today’s “Celtic fringe”?

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