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Catch More Flies With Honey

The following comes from Vin Suprynowicz, a syndicated columnest and probably the most articulate word-smith of the libertarian movement today. It was written as a response to comments made on an article. The contents of the original article and the person’s response to it, I believe, are irrelevant to the core of the message inside Vin’s missive. Suffice it to say, Vin was blunt in his writing and this person thought that the piece should have been more “tactful” in order to “win over” the non-libertarians/freedom-lovers in the reading audience.

The “catch more flies with honey” gang have been whining and wheedling with us not to call a spade a spade for decades now. Yet what they never explain is what they intend to do with them once we CATCH those flies.

Apparently they have in mind some ‘kinder, gentler” indoctrination program designed to turn the flies into lovely, gentle, fluttering butterflies.

In fact, once the flies get their legs stuck in the honey, all you can really do is swat them till they ooze insect intestinal goo, flop over, shudder a few times, and die. Yet when I approach with the flay-swatter, it’s all , “Oh, no! Don’t point out that Roosevelt stole the gold, violated his oath of office a thousand times, committed murder by using conscription to round up innocent young boys to feed into the sausage-grinder of his ‘popular’ war, and tore asunder any remaining ‘limited government’ safeguards, exposing us to the ravening wolves who now eat out our substance daily in the state and federal capitals. This will only alienate many potential allies on the left!”

Listen up, bub: They are NOT our allies and never will be. Their soothing-voiced blandishments urge us to bury our inconvenient principles, assuring us we can always go back & dig them up later.

But here’s the thing: My life is two-thirds gone. How much longer am I supposed to whine and wheedle and simper and cajole these murderous thieves to “please, pleeeeease let us have back a few of our God-given liberties? We PROMISE to take off our shoes and belts and not make any jokes in the airport grope-and-grab line”? Till I’m 90? Till I’m 110?

We have gone through 24 letters of the alphabet. We are past the letter “x.” Only two arguments remain:

y) You had better give us back our fucking liberties right now, every fucking one of them, and apologize for the hell you’ve put us through, or

z) We are going to blow your fucking heads off.

Compromise has gotten us nothing but yellow forms, ID checks, dumbed-down kids doped up on government Prozac & Ritalin, brain-dead pertussis-vaccinated babies, sons and brothers butt-raped in prison, and undersized pistol magazines.

Being “overwhelmingly democratically elected” means you can’t be a tyrant? Oh, please. Did the people of Poland and Czechoslovakia vote this guy the power to turn them over to the gentle ministrations of his pal Joe Stalin for 50 years? The only reason his form of fascism was less perfect was that we still had a Supreme Court in 1935 that would toss out abominations like the “National Recovery Administration” as thoroughly unconstitutional. Well, they sure took care of that.

Cover your eyes if you can’t stand to watch, but we are choosing up sides and taking names. We don’t want to “win them over.” (It’s already been tried — they just shout back their memorized government-school mantras.) Either they back off, or it’s war.

— V.S.

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