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The System Has Failed

My Review of Megadeth’s The System Has Failed

To put it as ambigously as possible, I’m both disappointed and impressed with this album. I’m disappointed because the music isn’t really all that great…especially compared to Megadeth’s past stuff. On the other hand, it appears that they’re experimenting some and trying to change their boundaries. That’s not so bad. There is still some great music on this album.

I’m also glad to see this album is very politically-motivated.

The album’s title, cover art, and song titles seem to sum it up: The System Has Failed is the title; the cover art depicts Eddie (the band’s mascot) handing out verdicts of “not guilty” to various politicians in return for bribes they’re holding in their hands for him; and the album includes song titles like I Know Jack (Kennedy), Truth Be Told, Of Mice and Men, and so forth. Most of the album’s lyrics are political in nature and depict a world in which our government has failed.

You’ll hear both “Die Dead Enough” and “Of Mice and Men” on the radio right now. I suspect you’ll hear at least one more before their next album is released (probably sometime in late 2005 or early 2006).

If you’re a fan of Megadeth already, you’ll like this album, but it probably won’t get the play-time your others do. If you’re not a fan of heavy metal music, you definitely won’t like this album at all. You can listen to song samples from Amazon.com by clicking the link above, left.

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