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How We Die…

I haven’t touched on the subject of the “right to die” (who chooses when, how, and if you should die) before. This is a touchy subject and many people are as divided on it as they are on the abortion issue. However, I believe an important new book has been published on the subject. It’s Unplugged: Reclaiming the Right to Die in America by William Colby (the attorney in the Nancy Cruzan case).

I have ordered a copy of this book and will write an official review once I have read it through, but I figured it probably bears mentioning now.

The libertarian viewpoint is, of course, that your body, your life, and your choices are yours to make: no one else’s. If you wish to commit suicide, to not live life attatched to machines, or allow your family and loved ones to make the decision as to when you’re time is up; those are all YOUR decisions to make. Not the government’s, not a doctor’s…no one but yours.

Of course, that’s not how government sees it: it’s their job to take care of us, since we obviously can’t do it ourselves…

Anyway, I will be posting an article from the book’s author in a few days that I think you will find compelling.

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