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Global Warming, Too Hot or Not?

by Dennis Behreandt of The New American – click here for full article

The theory of global warming proposes that man’s activities are causing the Earth to heat up, but there is compelling scientific evidence that does not support this conclusion.

Aaron’s note: this article is too large to be reprinted here. It is, however, excellent reading no matter what your opinions on global warming are. There is obvious media bias (not to mention the tripe they tell you in publik skool) on this subject – more so than many political subjects. This bias in reporting has led many to believe something that is still a matter of debate amongst scientists. And I mean scientists of real merit whose credentials cannot be dismissed. So I’d suggest that any thinking person would read this article and search out others like it and form their own conclusions instead of just believing the ABC/NBC/FOX hype as fact.

http://www.thenewamerican.com/artman/publish/article_4185.shtml – read entire article at this link.

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