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Blindly Following

I don’t personally agree with most of Rocky Anderson’s socialist politics and have been disappointed in him many times in the past for actions he has taken. All that aside, he gave an inspiring speech a few weeks ago when G.W. Bush was in town bullshitting the American Legion about terrorism and the war in Iraq.

Rocky’s speech hits to the core, but will be ignored as “more liberal clap-trap” by those who would be best served to listen to it. He is right: blindly following leadership (good or bad) is not patriotic… in fact, it’s downright unAmerican. Doing as your told without asking questions is as unAmerican, in my opinion, as changing the oil in a Japanese car while drinking Mexican beer and singing the French national anthem.

No, true leaders of men do not demand blind obedience. They ask for respect and earn trust, but they do not demand anything. I doubt the real G.W., back in 1777, asked for blind obedience from his men. No, those stalwart 2500 or so soldiers stuck through Valley Forge because they loved George, not because he demanded it, but because he earned it from them.

Would that we had a real G.W. today to turn this nation around.


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