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‘No Child Left Behind’ program rife with fraud

No Child Left Behind was a scam from the start. Most Americans believe that the publik skool systum is f-ed up…but only those OTHER schools, not YOUR child’s school. Right??

A $1 billion reading program that is a key part of the Bush administration’s No Child Left Behind education law was mismanaged and rife with conflicts of interest, according to an internal audit released on Friday.

The audit by the inspector general’s office of the Reading First program — the largest early reading program in U.S. history — found that officials in 2002 and 2003, shortly after the program was established, improperly tried to influence states on which curricula they should use.

In addition, some officials with the power to approve certain reading materials for states had connections with the publishers, according to the report. It said the department had not properly reviewed the officials for such potential conflicts.

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