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Well, I did my civic duty today and voted in the 2006 General Elections in the county of Salt Lake in the state of Utah. I voted by absentee, of course, though these are now counted by automation as well. I started voing absentee when Utah started using electronic voting machines a couple of years ago.

Anyway, contrary to American tradition, I’m going to reveal how I voted even before the votes have been counted. So any of you running for office can use this as part of your initial exit poll counts. :)

For most offices up for grabs this year, I voted Libertarian. If no Libertarian candidate was avaialble, I voted for any other alternative party’s candidate. If no alternatives were available, I voted for the non-incumbent. This was my basic voting strategy. Here’s how it panned out:

US Senate: Dave Starr Seely (Lib)
US Rep. Dist #2: Austin Sherwood Lett (Lib)
State Senator Dist #4: Dirk Anjewierden IV (Rep)
State Rep. Dist #40: No vote – neither of these candidates is worth a shit. Really. I briefly considered writing in my mom, but she doesn’t live in this district.
County Council At Large “C”: Don W. Johnstun (Lib)
County Assessor: Josie Valdez (Dem) [when in doubt, dump the Republican]
District Attorney: Rob Latham (Lib) [I’ve known a lot of attorneys and have yet to meet one I truly trust…but at least I know this guy. haha, Rob.]
County Auditor: Sean Thomas (Rep) [about the only person in Utah government doing his job, I think.]
County Clerk: Charles Bonsall (Lib) [I would vote for Charlie even if he were a Republican. He’s a great guy no matter what. I’m glad he’s on our side.]
County Recorder: Leslie Reberg (Dem) [When in doubt…]
County Sheriff: Jim Winder (Dem) [Kennard has been Sheriff almost as long as Orrin Hatch has been a Senator…]
County Surveyor: no vote – I refuse to vote in a non-contested race.
County Treasurer: Kelton M. Baker (Lib)
Judicial: I voted “No” on all judicial retainers. Screw these fat cat bastards! Get a job, you lumps!
Constitutional Amendment #1: For [Anything that makes something untaxable is fine by me.]
County Propoitions 1-3: Against [Bonds are just a short-term tax and none of these were even for a good reason. We pay 24 cents a gallon at the pump to fix our roads, what do we need a bond to fix them more for?? And who really gives a rat’s patoot about the Zoo, Arts, and Parks crap. ZAP this, you knobs!]

Anyway, there’s my votes this year. Read ’em and weep.

DOWN WITH THE REPUBLICRATS! Anyone but Bush an incumbent! Spay and neuter your politicians today!!!

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