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Afghanistan Refresher Course

Just in case you’ve forgotten, here’s a few facts on Afghanistan that will remind you why, exactly, we are sending our military’s men and women over there to fight and die…

a.. USA supported Bin Laden and the Taliban for years, and viewed them as freedom fighters against the Russians? One man’s freedom fighter is another man’s terrorist…it’s all about perspective.

b.. As late as 1998, the US was paying the salary of every single Taliban official in Afghanistan? I’m sure they were relatively cheap… No more expensive than the average congressman, I’m sure.

c.. There is more oil and gas in the Caspian Sea, but you need a pipeline through Afghanistan to get that out?

d.. UNOCAL, a giant oil conglomerate, wanted to build a 1000 mile pipeline from the Caspian Sea through Afghanistan to the Arabian Sea? Of course, they can’t do that without the support of a strong, local government to back them up…but I’m getting ahead of myself.

e.. UNOCAL spent $ 10,000,000,000 on geological &nb sp; studies for the pipeline construction, and courted the Taliban for their support in allowing the construction to begin? Speaking of local governments…

f.. All leading Taliban officials were in Texas negotiating with UNOCAL in 1998? I think “negotiating” is a term used for “being bribed.” Kind of like the “closed door” meetings our congress likes to hold.

g. In 1999, Taliban changed its mind and threw UNOCAL out of the country and awarded the pipeline project to a company in Argentina? Apparently, the Argentenians had a better offer…like a long-term stake in the profits or something fair like that.

h.. John Maresca, VP of UNOCAL testified before Congress and said no pipeline should be set until the Taliban was gone and a more friendly government was established? I wonder why he would do that to his friends?

i.. After 1999, the Taliban became the most evil people in the world They were blamed for all kinds of attrocities that they were never factually linked to…

j. In 2001, Bush declares war against Afghanistan, though not a single Afghani was involved in the plane hijacking? Of course, it was in the interest of…ummm…national security and stuff. Right? ‘Need to know’ and all that.

k.. Bush blamed Bin Laden, but did not offer any proof, saying it was confidential? Yeah, man. Double-o-seven never gave out his secrets and his movies always turned out OK! Shesh, what’s the big deal? ‘Trust me, man, the Supreme Court says I’m yer President.’

l.. Talibans offered to hand over Bin Laden if there was proof, but Bush bombed Afghanistan instead? Who needs proof when you got da bomb?

m.. We now have a new government in Afghanistan, which is friendlier? Hmmm…let’s investigate who they’re friendlier TO…

n.. That the leader of the new government is one gentleman called Hamid Karzai, who formerly worked for UNOCAL? Wait, it gets better!

o.. Bush appoints a special envoy (Lakhdar Ibrahimi) to represent the US to deal with the new government. This special envoy was formerly chief consultant to UNOCAL? Croneyism at its finest!

p.. The US government quietly announces in January 2002 that it will support the Trans-Afghan pipeline construction? Well, duhhh

q.. President Musharraf and Hamid Karzai announce agreement in February 2002 to build proposed gas pipeline from Central Asia to Pakistan through Afghanistan? Of course.

And you thought we were fighting terrorism here, didn’t you? We are fighting terrorism…only we’ve been duped into acting as the terrorists! Wake up, people!

It is all about OIL………

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