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Armchair Minute Men

So…you wanna join the Minute Man movement on America’s borders and help save us from the flood of illegal immigrants coming into our nation? But you’re afraid that you’ll be entered on some government list, be made fun of by your neighbors as a “militia member,” or worse?

Well, have no fear! You can become an Armchair Minuteman without ever leaving the comfort of your home or office! That’s right!

Just go to the American Border Patrol’s website (http://www.americanborderpatrol.com) and start manning their border cameras today!

Yes, no foolin’, you can watch for questionables crossing the border on their multiple border-cams and report those nefarious border-jumpers on sight! Without ever leaving your chair or even loading a gun!

Of course, you’ll still have to keep an eye out for CIA drug-runners, special ops commandos, the occasional state-sanctioned terrorist, or other “under the radar” border-crossers. You wouldn’t want to interfere with national security while performing your duty. Right?

So go to www.AmericanBorderPatrol.com and start protecting our nation’s porous borders today! The Armchair Minute Men await!

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